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Hi! My name is Mrs. Mahoney and I am a gifted education resource teacher for Lee County Schools at Deep River Elementary School. Prior to this, I taught Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, and 4th Grade for nine years total. I also taught in Mexico for a brief time while in college at Appalachian State University where I received my B.S. in Elementary Education and my B.A. in Spanish. I am currently seeking an add-on Gifted Certification through East Carolina University. I love to take a hands-on approach to learning in the classroom, no matter what grade or subject matter I am teaching. Helping students get involved in and excited about the learning process through  hands-on learning and real-world application is what makes me come alive as a teacher. My goal as a teacher is to help every student I teach, no matter their background or previous experiences in school, to become a lifelong learner and 'thinker'.

My Community and School

Though a very challenging context, Lee County is a unique place to serve as an educator. Lee County is a predominantly rural county with a small urban pocket that sits in the center. Both the rural and urban parts of the county are quite diverse, with near equal numbers of Caucasians, African Americans, and Latinos making this land their home. With the "pie-shaped" division of school districts, nearly all Lee County Schools have a similar student population make-up. Deep River, sitting at a student population of approximately 550 students, is located in a very rural district of the county. Though funding and staffing are issues that tend to cause difficulties for rural counties in the service of gifted students, Lee County does everything possible to ensure that ALL students receive the services they need to grow and be challenged at an appropriate level. 

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